eXostream Communications has helped businesses and individuals create and host websites since 1998. We would love to have you as our newest customer. Below are some links that should help you get started with our company. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime 24 hours a day.


-> Order new hosting service

-> FTP or log into your website file manager and download your website files and databases from your previous hosting provider's server.

-> Take note of your current your email settings from your previous hosting provider


You'll receive an email from us with information about your new hosting account, and information as to which nameservers to point your domain to.


After approximately 24-48 hours your domain should be pointing to eXostream and your switch will be complete. At this point you should close your old hosting account.




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Live DemoControl Panel. Try a live demo of the eXopanel web system.

Tech Support. View our tech support methods and systems.

Services. See what we have and what is coming soon.

Network. View information on our network and hardware profiles.