eXostream Communications is part of two of the most technologically advanced Network Operations Centers (NOC) in the world. Redundant facilities are located at each of eXostream Communications two data centers. NOC personnel are on site at each data center 24x7x365. These highly advanced facilities oversee 1.5% of all U.S. Internet traffic and monitor a network connecting 30,000 servers to over 25 Gigabits of Internet bandwidth. eXostream's NOC uses a combination of proprietary and commercial systems to: monitor servers maintain network stability and uptime mitigate network attacks identify and respond to AUP/TOS violations.


Datacenter 1

  • Multiple backup generators and facility wide battery backup
  • Fiber entry on two sides of the facilities
  • Redundant path fiber to our upstream providers via multiple transport providers
  • Total of 15 gigabit Internet connections
  • Total of 18 redundant backbone routers
  • Network operations centers staffed 24x7x365
  • Dual redundant network cores
  • Fully meshed BGP4

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